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Hoping for a slight weather change.
I wish every day i could feel as if the sun was shining my direction.

Im a bitch because i tell my feelings and thoughts way to much for the averege human to inhale. I have not one clue why i do this.Today nothing is going right, i feel as if i am ruining my beautiful relationship because of my willingness to be the opposite of his past relationships and take zero bullshit, are women supposed to act like a trained puppy when involved with a man? Im slightly confused on that one. Not to mention im living somewhere that doesnt belong to me, im abanded from the family i once was so close too. Things arent easy and i have no experiance on how to deal with these sorts of obstacles. I dont know whats right and whats real anymore,i dont know when to feel anymore and im wondering when it will all come clear that tomorrow might be a change of weather.

I wonder if God knows about this.


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